Current group

  • Dr. Julian Villabona-Arenas
    • Research Fellow (LSHTM)
    • Funded by ERC (Starting Grant)
  • Dr. Germander Soothill
    • ECAT PhD Fellow (Edinburgh University)
    • Co-supervised with Andy Leigh-Brown
  • James Baxter
    • PhD candidate (Edinburgh University)
    • Funded by MRC in Precision Medicine at University of Edinburgh
    • Co-supervised with Andy Leigh-Brown, Stéphane Hué
  • Emma Pujol-Hodge
    • PhD candidate (Edinburgh University)
    • Funded by Wellcome Trust Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health
    • Co-supervised with Andy Leigh-Brown

Past group members

  • Dr. David Hodgson
    • PhD Funded by MRC at UCL
    • Co-supervised with Richard Pebody (PHE), Marc Baguelin (PHE/LSHTM), Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths
  • Dr. James Munday
    • PhD funded by NIHR HPRU in Immunisation at LSHTM
    • Co-supervised with Albert Jan van Hoek (RIVM/LSHTM)
  • Dr. Natasha Wenzel
    • Funded by CIDID at University of Washington
    • Co-supervised with Betz Halloran (UW)
  • Rivka Lim
    • PhD Rotation Student (HPGH at Edinburgh)